Wednesday, July 19, 2006

Unsecured Business Loans

Snap Loan Review

How Much $$ Do You Need? We'll Loan You Up to $500,000.00 Cash... For Just About Anything You Want... 100% UNSECURED!
Your Signature Is All We Need For a SNAP Approval
Up to $500,000 line of credit for established businesses.
As much as $100,000 for a startup!
No collateral required
No upfront fees
Revolving line of credit (borrow, pay it off, use it again)
Use the cash for ANY business purpose
Pay interest only on the funds borrowed
Get your money in 14 days or less
Get started today!
Denver, CO - Snap Financial Services recently introduced the SNAP Loan (Simple, No collateral, Always available, Process is easy) loan.
An Unsecured Line of Credit
This business line of credit is unsecured. Only a personal guarantee is required. Large national and regional banks are the lending partners.
The SNAP Loan is a stated income stated assets instrument. None of the normal documentation a businessperson expects during the loan process (tax returns, business plan, Use of Funds statement, etc.) are required.
No Fees = No Risk To You!
There are no upfront costs. You will pay fees but only when the money is yours.
Minimal Credit Requirements
If your credit score is 675 or better, you have no recent bankruptcies and your debt-to income ratio is 25% or better you will most likely qualify.
Approval In As Little As 72 Hours